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Foundation Repair

  • 22 Jul 2023
    Foundation Inspection: A Must for Homebuyers and Homeowners When purchasing a new home or property, it is essential for both prospective buyers and homeowners to prioritize a comprehensive foundation inspection conducted by a Licensed Professional Engineer. While many individuals understand the importance of hiring a home inspector after the purchase,
  • 18 Jul 2023
    Dry soil with cracks is common in Texas. Diverse Geological Conditions: Impact on Soil and Foundations in Texas. The geological conditions of each state vary based on their geographical location, and soil, as a natural resource, holds different significance depending on its intended use in various industries. Within the construction
  • 11 Jul 2023
    Each engineer possesses a unique set of specializations acquired through education and experience. A Foundation Structural Engineer specializes in assessing the foundations of residential or commercial buildings. Their expertise lies in conducting professional evaluations and recommending suitable actions, typically through reports outlining repair work or modifications to construction plans based
  • 04 Jul 2023
    Discovering various foundation repair methods is crucial for homeowners, as they may encounter different issues affecting their home’s foundation. Fortunately, there are several ways to address these problems. However, it is not uncommon for foundation specialists to propose multiple solutions for a specific issue. As the homeowner, it becomes your
  • 23 Jun 2023
    Take a thorough walk around both the interior and exterior of your home or a potential property you are considering purchasing. Are you able to identify any of the indicators listed below? 1. Cracks are present in the interior walls, brick fireplace wall, or between the exterior bricks. 2. Nails