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Why TEC?

With over 20 years of experience providing structural engineering services throughout Dallas – Fort Worth Texas, TEC understands the unique challenges that local expansive soils and weather extremes create. Our services include home inspections, foundation inspections, and structural engineer evaluations. We can help you protect your investment and ensure that your property does not fall victim to these forces.

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TEC is well known for providing accurate and reliable structural evaluations, foundation inspections, home inspections and engineering reports for clients in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Why should you call TEC?

  • If you’re considering buying a house in the Dallas Fort Worth area
  • If you’re selling a house in the Dallas Fort Worth area
  • If you notice cracks, unleveled flooring, or any other signs of foundation settling
  • If you are interested in proactively protecting your home or business foundation

TEC Home Inspection Services – Dallas Fort Worth TX

TEC Home Inspectors, in addition to being licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, have undergone training under the supervision of TEC’s in-house structural engineers. Our thorough inspectors are trained to provide home inspection reports with the integrity and quality that clients have come to expect from TEC. Throughout the inspection, we examine more than 600 components, taking images along the way, examining each component for structural soundness and proper function.

Free Foundation Elevation Survey With a Home Inspection Report 

While most Home Inspectors simply refer potential buyers to a structural engineer if signs of foundation settling are present, TEC Home Inspectors go above and beyond to gather information and record baseline elevation measurements. This added measure helps our Home Inspectors determine if signs of foundation settling are cosmetic or structural. Ruling out the possibility of structural damage provides peace of mind and speeds along the closing process.

Foundation Inspections – Dallas Fort Worth TX

Thomas Engineering Consultants is NOT in the business of construction or foundation repair. Instead, we apply our 20+ years of structural engineering education and experience to provide you with an accurate, unbiased assessment of your home’s foundation. Our findings are presented to the homeowner in a certified, verifiable engineer’s report.


Foundation repair companies will typically offer a free foundation inspection while hoping to get your business as a result. TEC is not in the business of foundation repair. As such, when you call TEC for a structural engineer you will receive an UNBIASED, certified Licensed Professional Engineer’s Report. The Engineer’s Report will highlight any areas of concern and recommend specific foundation repair methods – if necessary. You can then use your certified Engineer’s Report to obtain quotes from several foundation repair companies.

For the price of 1 to 2 foundation piers, we can give you peace of mind in knowing that work performed (or not performed) is justified and correct.

Structural Evaluations – Dallas Fort Worth TX

Many homeowners are confused regarding the difference between a foundation inspection and a structural evaluation. To explain simply, it’s impossible to fully understand the wear and tear on a home’s foundation without examining the structure itself.

If a structure exists upon the foundation in question, a Licensed Professional Engineer will want to perform a structural evaluation of the home, foundation, and surrounding soil.


The pricing for a structural evaluation depends on the year the home was built, foundation type (pier and beam or concrete slab), and the interior square footage.

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