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Thomas Engineering Consultants was established to educate and assist homeowners and prospective buyers in protecting their most valuable investment – their home. With over 28 years experience in engineering, foundation performance, and home inspections, TEC understands the unique challenges that local expansive soils and weather extremes create. We can help you protect your investment and make an informed decision. With an engineering evaluation, we can help you protect your investment and ensure that your property does not fall victim to these forces. Our detailed engineering report will allow you to make an informed decision, helping you save time and lower or eliminate your foundation repair costs.

When should you call TEC?

  • When you are buying a home

  • When you are selling a home

  • If you notice cracks, unleveled flooring, or other signs of foundation settling

  • If you are interested in proactively protecting your home or business’ foundation


Many cities require an engineer’s report before issuing permits for foundation repairs. Their intent is to protect the property owner by ensuring the work is being completed safely and correctly. Also, many banks require engineer’s reports when homeowners refinance their home. If banks and lenders require a certified engineer’s report (instead of free quotes from foundation repair companies) you should too.

Improper repairs to drainage, irrigation or foundation systems can actually lead to more costly foundation problems!

Unfortunately, some foundation repair companies in Dallas Fort Worth get around the permit requirements by making an “arrangement” with an engineer, which does not bode well for the property owner. To avoid multiple bids, and conflicting opinions for the best foundation solution, contact TEC at the first sign of concern.

We can give you the peace of mind in knowing that work performed (or not performed) on your property is justified and correct, which will in turn help you save money in the long run.


Tommy LaLonde, P.E., M.ASCE is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University, Class of 1994 – Civil Engineering. Since then, Tommy has amassed over 28 years of experience in structural engineering, soil mechanics, foundation performance and inspections. At TEC, it’s our goal to help you protect your investment and help you make an informed decision. Whether you are buying or selling, you need straight answers about the health of the home’s foundation.

His Organizational Memberships:

  • Foundation Performance Association (FPA)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Texas Society of Professional Engineer (TSPE)

His Certifications:

  • Texas Licensed Professional Engineer #93572
  • Texas Licensed Irrigator LI7110
  • OSHA – Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER)
Thomas Engineering Consultants BBB Business Review

Why should I have a Licensed Professional Engineer look at my house BEFORE I call a foundation repair company?

Many cities require an engineer’s report before issuing permits for foundation repairs. Their intent is to protect the property owner by ensuring the work is being completed safely and correctly. 

Should I have the foundation inspected BEFORE I purchase a home?

In Texas, we always recommend an analysis of pier and beam or concrete slab foundations BEFORE you invest your hard-earned dollars. A foundation inspection can be a valuable part of the home-buying process.  A home inspector is an important person to involve and can offer a variety of opinions on the different systems in a home.  However, they are likely not licensed professional engineers and don’t have the expertise to give you a thorough review of the foundation.  Getting an independent foundation inspection before you purchase a home will ensure you’re starting off on the right foot, and identify any problems that can potentially be addressed before the transaction is finalized.




Your home or business is likely the LARGEST investment you have, and protecting its value is important. If you see signs of foundation problems, you might think to call a foundation repair company first. While foundation repairs may become necessary in extreme circumstances, it’s best to have YOUR situation assessed by a Structural Engineer to determine the true causation and appropriate preventative maintenance plan and/or repair plan. Thomas Engineering Consultants will provide you with an independent report to take control of your situation. Our goal is to minimize your efforts, foundation repair costs, and overall stress throughout the process by pointing you in the right direction. Our Licensed Professional Engineers make the evaluation process simple and straightforward.


Professional Evaluation

Thomas Engineering will come to your home (or commercial building) and complete a thorough evaluation. Our focus is to determine if the foundation system is performing as intended. This process includes gathering basic historical information on your home, identifying stresses inside and outside of your home, measuring relative floor elevations across the foundation, and inspecting the outside conditions to identify external contributing factors to overall performance.

Engineer’s Report

Your custom report will be based on a level “B” investigation as described by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers, Texas Section. Through this process, our goal is to determine if your home is performing within structural guidelines. If not, our focus is to identify if foundation work is necessary, or if simply addressing the underlying cause(s) is enough to mitigate movements and prevent foundation problems and the need for costly foundation repairs. We will provide you the necessary recommendations to ensure that the most important part of your home, THE FOUNDATION, is performing at its best.

Take Action

Should any recommendations extend beyond your ability to implement yourself, our engineering report can be used to seek bids from different companies ensuring they are selling you the correct scope of work. When each contractor is bidding based on the same specifications detailed out by Thomas Engineering Consultants, you can make the very best decision.


The pricing for a structural evaluation depends on the year the home was built, foundation type (pier and beam or concrete slab), and the interior square footage.


Even if you haven’t noticed indications of foundation movement, it is a good idea to have an inspection performed every couple years by a licensed professional engineer as foundation problems often arise as a home ages. Additional engineering evaluations help identify areas of concern before the problem gets out of hand. Contact Thomas Engineering Consultants and let us provide proactive recommendations specific to your home in order to reduce the risk of future foundation problems and costly repairs.

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What our clients say


Wow! Tommy came out to my home after a foundation repair company came out. They said that they would have to install multiple piers to support the foundation costing about $12k! Tommy came out and determined that while a repair was necessary, it didn’t need the extensive repair that was recommended. He outlined a plan, and I received two more bids based on it. The final cost was $5k. I saved $7k by calling Tommy first! What a savior!

-Gail W.


After calling and having 5 different “Foundation Companies” come out and giving me 5 completely different plans and pricing I was referred to Tommy and Thomas Engineering. Tommy came out and inspected our home and put us at ease. Tommy did a thorough plan and is going end up saving us thousands!! If you are having foundation issues, save yourself some time and money out of the gate and call Thomas Engineering first! Tommy or a representative will come out and do a repair plan for you and then you can bid out the work based off their plan. I wish I would have done this from the start, would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and not to mention peace of mind and money in the long run. Don’t just assume foundation companies know what they are talking about, they aren’t Structural Engineers. Highly, Highly, Highly recommend Tommy and the whole crew at Thomas Engineering Consultants

-Kevin C.


Tommy inspected the foundation of the home during our option period in Grapevine. He came out on time as promised, conducted his inspection, and took the time to answer ALL of my questions and did not leave until I was finished with all my questions. He advised me on what I should do and what to look for, took me step by step through the house, he showed and explained to me how he was conducting his assessment, had me look at different angles of the house and parts of the floor, he did a superb job of explaining everything. Great experience with this company from start (making the appointment) to finish, very friendly, and I trust he had our best interest in mind when he came out. I received a write up of his findings a couple of days later. Highly recommend Thomas engineering.

-Adrew A.

Based on 67 reviews.
David Woodward
David Woodward
Janna DeWees
Janna DeWees
Miguel Araiza
Miguel Araiza
Denise Capps
Denise Capps
Vanessa Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
The engineer showed up on time and provided the report quickly and professionally. I have used Thomas engineering services multiple times with the same level of customer service.
Stephenia Allsup
Stephenia Allsup
Awesome!! Honest and so helpful!!!!
Jan Conyers
Jan Conyers
Nina Varela
Nina Varela
Excellent experience. Tommy was professional and thorough in his exploration and assessment of our old house. He was generous with his time in answering our questions as well. A+.
T. N
T. N
Excellent services from Chris and Stephanie!! I had my home inspected by Chris Grozier, the report was very very thorough. I am amazed by all the pictures, documentation, and tests included in the inspection report. Two thumbs up for the TEC team.
Zohra Mubeena-Mutabanna
Zohra Mubeena-Mutabanna
Thomas came highly recommended to us, and we are so pleased with his services. His company was responsive and provided us with a reasonable estimate. We got the detailed report within 24 hours. I highly recommend Thomas Engineering if anyone is looking for a structural engineer.


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