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Foundation Maintenance

  • 24 Feb 2020
    The Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas is known as the “Blackland Prairie.” Many years ago, pioneers settled in North Texas due to the area’s outstanding agricultural potential. While expansive clay soils in the Dallas Fort Worth area are excellent for crop production,...
  • 09 Feb 2017
    The popular misconception that roots commonly smash through floors is a bit of a stretch. In reality, the most troubling aspect of a tree planted near your home is the roots’ tendency to absorb water in the soil. Keep reading for more information on how trees affect...
  • 04 Feb 2017
    Water and Drainage; Is Your Home’s Foundation at Risk? Water is a powerful force! Proper drainage is an essential factor for homeowners looking to preserve their investment. Here are a few ways that deficient water drainage affects your home’s foundation: Soil...
  • 04 Sep 2013
    Dry soil with cracks is common in Texas. Texas’ Shifting Soil – How to Avoid Foundation Problems Geological conditions that prevail in each state differ according to their location. Soil, as a natural resource, has different values depending on the industry that they are being used in. In the construction