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Foundation Maintenance

  • 21 Sep 2017
    The popular misconception that roots commonly smash through floors is a bit of a stretch. In reality, the most troubling aspect of a tree planted near your home is the roots’ tendency to absorb water in the soil. Keep reading for more information on how trees affect...
  • 04 Feb 2017
    Water and Drainage; Is Your Home’s Foundation at Risk? Water is a powerful force! Proper drainage is an essential factor for homeowners looking to preserve their investment. Here are a few ways that deficient water drainage affects your home’s foundation: Soil...
  • 04 Sep 2013
    Dry soil with cracks is common in Texas. Texas’ Shifting Soil – How to Avoid Foundation Problems Geological conditions that prevail in each state differ according to their location. Soil, as a natural resource, has different values depending on the industry that they are being used in. In the construction