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  • 26 Oct 2023
    Pier and Beam vs Slab Foundations in Dallas, Fort Worth – Exploring Your Options When you’re in the market for a home in the Dallas, Fort Worth region, you’re faced with a multitude of decisions. The choices range from where to purchase when to make the purchase, and even whether
  • 05 Oct 2023
    Take a stroll both inside and outside your home, or any property you’re considering for purchase. Are any of the following signs evident? Cracks on interior walls, the brick fireplace wall, or between the exterior bricks. Protruding nails in the plaster or sheetrock. Doors and windows that don’t appear to
  • 16 Sep 2019
    Structural Engineer Home Inspection – Dallas Home Inspector Licensed Home Inspector Randy Reed discusses how Thomas Engineering works with realtors and homeowners for a smooth home buying process in Dallas Fort Worth. TRANSCRIPT: “Hey there, I’m Randy Reed...
  • 18 Apr 2018
    Foundation Problems and Drainage – How the two Relate When spotting foundation problems early on, it’s important to gather as many clues as possible. Not only should you pay attention to sheetrock and brick and mortar cracks, sloping floors jammed windows and...
  • 10 Apr 2018
    Understanding Your Engineering Report The best way to get an accurate assessment of your home’s foundation is by hiring a structural engineer to produce an engineering report. For over twenty years, TEC has been spreading the message to the Dallas – Fort Worth...
  • 04 Apr 2018
    Home Inspections – Dallas Fort Worth Home Inspector Tips for Buyers Still have questions? Visit the Home Inspection Page. Give us a call at 817-576-1973. We are here to help! Related Articles: Buying a Home in Texas – Avoid This Mistake SaveSave...