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TEC Home Inspection Services provides home inspections in Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs. Our thorough professionals are trained to perform inspections with the integrity and quality that clients have come to expect from TEC. Home Inspectors, in addition to being licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, have undergone additional training under the supervision of our in-house engineers.

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Throughout the home inspection, we examine more than 600 components, taking images along the way, examining each component for structural soundness and proper function.

Our Home Inspectors go above and beyond the industry standard to gather data on the home’s foundation elevation levels. Since foundation settling is common in Dallas Fort Worth, it’s important to understand the condition of pier and beam or concrete slab foundations before you commit to purchase.

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Free Elevation Survey With Every Home Inspection – Dallas Fort Worth

Structural Engineer Home Inspection Dallas Fort Worth Arlington

All home inspections include complimentary floor level surveying to address possible foundation concerns. Most inspectors immediately refer buyers to an engineer at any sign of foundation settling. At TEC, we examine your elevation survey to determine if those signs of settling are cosmetic or structural. Ruling out the possibility of structural damage gives Dallas Fort Worth homebuyers peace of mind and speeds along the closing process.

Irrigation Inspection – Sprinkler System Inspection

Our Dallas Fort Worth home inspectors are trained to perform irrigation inspections to determine if a home’s sprinkler system will require repairs before functioning properly.

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For a limited time, TEC is offering a $25 irrigation inspection with every home inspection – Dallas Fort Worth.

We understand that no home is perfect. 

Our intention is to provide peace of mind to help clients fully understand a home’s condition before committing to purchase. Fill out the form below to schedule a home inspection in Dallas Fort Worth and the surrounding suburbs.

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