We encourage every client to attend the home inspection, and here’s why:

  • You are about to make a sizable investment and need to know all the facts, straight from the source (your home inspector).
  • If you are present at the home inspection, you can ask questions about the condition of the home in person (compared to trying to understand answers over the phone).
  • TEC home inspectors are incredibly thorough, but others may try to cut corners and rush through the inspection. **TIP: Schedule with a TEC Home Inspector instead! : )

If you are unable to attend the entire inspection, we would strongly encourage you to be present for the review portion of the inspection. If you are an out of state buyer, the report can be e-mailed to you and a time can be set for a telephone review of the findings.

For more information on TEC home inspections, visit our Home Inspection Services page.


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