Jean Christenberry is a Realtor based in Arlington, Texas.  She heads The Christenberry Group – Real Estate Team at Keller Williams.  Jean is a member of a referral group that includes Thomas Engineering Company, and she recently talked about the importance of having Tommy review a property even before it goes up for sale.  She relayed the following story about a recent sale:

“We had a sale that was nearly jeopardized by a home inspector who pointed out the potential for a foundation problem where none existed. The home inspector identified a a few problems during his inspection process, and he recommended a more thorough review from a foundation repair company. When the SALESMAN from the foundation repair company came out to the property, you can guess what he found: ‘Well, this property definitely needs a repair. It looks like it will need 5 piers.’ This is the moment when the buyer’s agent calls me and says, ‘Your seller will have to take $7,000 less to cover the cost of this foundation repair if you want to move forward with the sale.’

I’ve been working as a realtor in DFW for many years, and I know how to handle these situations when they arise. Since I had already spotted the potential for problems, I recommended to the seller that they have Tommy LaLonde review the foundation and determine in advance if there were any problems. Since Tommy is a licensed professional engineer, I know that his review carries significant weight, and if a problem did exist, we could have it addressed even before the home went on the market. In this situation, I was able to quickly reply to the buyer’s agent with a copy of Tommy’s report and show them that no foundation repair was required. This peace of mind during the sales process is crucial for making my clients feel at ease. My clients appreciate the fact that I know my business, and I have a group of experts that I can count on when needed.”

Wow! Thanks Jean for trusting us with your clients! We really appreciate the opportunity to assist your clients to be prepared when selling a home.