foundation problemsMonte Ramey: Referred His Sister to Thomas Engineering Consultants because of perceived foundation problems…

Monte Ramey has lived in Texas nearly his entire life.  He has extensive knowledge about idiosyncrasies of owning property in Texas.  He works with clients who specialize in home improvement projects.  He also owns several rental homes throughout Tarrant County, and has purchased piers to correct reported foundation problems in the past.  His sister recently relocated from California to Texas and asked for Monte’s help in evaluating a new home purchase.  Something didn’t look quite right to her, and she asked Monte to confirm.  Consider his story:

“Thomas Engineering came out to my sister’s new home based on the recommendation of a foundation repair company. It was obvious that areas of the home were not level, and I was very concerned that there were foundation problems that would cost thousands to repair. My sister has been living in California for the last 20+ years, and didn’t appreciate the unique situation we have in Texas with foundation problems.

We received a surprising report: The foundation was sound, and functioning as expected, but poured with a slant by the original builder! While my sister might have to take special care in leveling the stove to bake a flat cake, it appears she doesn’t have to worry about cracked walls or pipes! I really appreciate the expertise and honesty exhibited by Tommy LaLonde and his team, and highly recommend him to anyone!”

-Originally Published on Google with a 5-Star review.

In the end, Monte’s sister did buy the home because there were so many aspects of it she really enjoyed.  The location suited her needs, and the size of the lot was bigger than many others she had seen while looking for an existing home to buy.  She would have to live with the fact that extra care would be required to level her stove.  Additionally, a game of marbles would be extra challenging, but not something she plays often!