foundation drip systemIn the fall of 2015, Jennifer Peterson realized that something was amiss in her home.  She noticed that there were cracks in the ceiling, and that the cabinet doors in the kitchen were not staying closed.  She understood that this was a sign that her foundation may have some problems, and she wasn’t sure how to proceed.  She contacted Thomas Engineering, and had Tommy LaLonde, our owner, and a licensed, professional engineer inspect the property.  He has seen situations in the past where a foundation drip system can solve the problem and not require a foundation repair which can be far more costly.

Foundation Drip System Saves the Day!

Tommy reviewed the situation, and acknowledged a shift in the foundation, but felt that it could be managed with a foundation drip system.  He was cautious and didn’t guarantee that this would solve the problem, but felt pretty confident that it would.  He engaged our partners at Lee Engineering Company to put in the drip irrigation system and advised on how to set it up.

In early October,  Jennifer e-mailed us and outlined the following:

“The cracks in the ceiling appear to be closing somewhat. Not totally, but definitely noticeable. The cabinets in the kitchen are staying closed, not swinging open as they were previously. The back door to the back yard isn’t latching the way it was before. Normally, I would be concerned with this, but my dad adjusted it when we started having issues, so thinking that’s a good thing…”

Tommy replied back and confirmed that he would have been concerned had she not seen any changes, but confirmed that the changes she was seeing were good news!  He planned to follow up with an on-site visit in November to confirm that things were progressing and to confirm the settings on the drip system were correct considering the seasonal change to winter.

In March, Jennifer followed up again via e-mail with the following:

Hi Tommy,

I just wanted to say thank you again. Without your recommendation of a foundation watering system, we would have been out thousands.

I am so happy I called you! Thank you!!!