Foundation Inspections

What is a foundation inspection?

Foundation inspections are performed during the construction process of building a home or adding on to an existing structure. For an evaluation of a home (post-construction), TEC will perform a full structural evaluation.

TEC is not in the business of construction or foundation repair.

Instead, we apply our 20+ years of engineering education and experience to provide you with an accurate, unbiased assessment of your foundation. Our findings are then presented in a certified, verifiable engineer’s report. 

Why do I need a licensed professional engineer?

Many cities require an engineer’s report before issuing permits for foundation repairs. Their intent is to protect the property owner by ensuring the work is being completed safely and correctly.

Improper repairs to drainage, irrigation or foundation systems can actually lead to more costly foundation problems!

Unfortunately, some foundation repair companies get around the permit requirements by making an “arrangement” with an engineer, which does not bode well for the property owner. To avoid multiple bids, and conflicting opinions for the best foundation solution, contact TEC at the first sign of concern.

For the average price of 1-2 foundation piers, we can give you the peace of mind in knowing that work performed (or not performed) on your property is justified and correct, which will in turn help you save money in the long run.

Should I have the foundation inspected BEFORE I purchase a home?

In Texas, we always recommend an analysis of the foundation BEFORE you invest your hard-earned dollars. As such, TEC home inspectors are required to train alongside our engineers before performing their first inspection on behalf of the company.

Complimentary floor elevation surveys are offered with every TEC home inspection.

TEC Home Inspectors perform complimentary foundation elevation surveys to better differentiate cosmetic flaws from structural concerns.

Getting an independent inspection before you purchase a home will ensure you’re starting off on the right foot, and identify any problems that can potentially be addressed before the transaction is finalized.

We have over 20 years of experience serving the DFW area! Let's see how we can serve you!

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