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The house-buying process can be an exciting, exhausting, and nerve-racking roller coaster of emotion. That’s why it’s so important for buyers to have the right people in place to make the journey from start to finish as seamless and stress-free as possible. The home inspection is one of the most crucial steps of the home-buying process. Buyers should carefully choose a reliable Licensed Professional Home Inspector to help them make an informed decision. We also recommend that buyers are present during the home inspection. 

Why Should the Buyer be Present During the Home Inspection?

It can be tempting to let the home inspector do their job and read the report later. However, buyers should be present for the home inspection when possible. Reading a detailed report with pictures is great, but it is not the same as walking through the home with the inspector. Home inspectors are required to report any potential issues uncovered during the home inspection, no matter how minor. By attending the home inspection in person, buyers can ask questions and get a feel for how serious an issue is before they commit to purchasing. For example, if the home inspector see signs of foundation settling, he can point them out in person and let the buyer know if he recommends consulting a structural engineer for a foundation inspection

“Buyer attendance also enables the inspector to explain the meaning and importance of each condition noted in the inspection report. When buyers are not present at the inspection, conditions noted in the report must be read and interpreted without explanation. Lacking a verbal review of the findings, a buyer may over-react to minor disclosures, while failing to appreciate the importance of more serious ones. The on-site review provided by your inspector may be the most informative aspect of the entire home inspection process.”

– The House Detective

Advantages to Attending the Home Inspection

Another advantage of attending the home inspection as a buyer is to better familiarize yourself with the property. Buyers can also ask the home inspector how the various systems work and inquire about maintenance. Most home inspectors will even take the time to show buyers the location of shut-off valves, electrical panels, and other important items within the home. 

During the home inspection, home inspectors peek inside cabinets, open closets, flip light switches, run faucets, and inspect the attic. Most prospective buyers do not perform an extensive examination of the home before making an offer, so it is easy to overlook issues. Upon taking a closer look, potential buyers can decide to move forward with the purchase or keep searching for their dream home. 

Depending on the size and condition of the home, a thorough home inspection will usually take no more than four hours. We recommend that the buyer is present during the home inspection so the home inspector can review findings and provide visual reinforcement of the written report. If a buyer is unable to be present for the entire home inspection, they can choose to show up at the end to discuss the findings. 

Finding the right home in a desirable neighborhood while staying within a budget is challenging enough, especially when home inventory is low and demand is high. TEC Inspection Services can take some of the stress off your shoulders by helping you make an informed decision on purchasing a home in Dallas – Fort Worth. If you can’t be present during the home inspection, we can email the home inspection report and set a time for a telephone review. 

For more information on TEC home inspections, visit our Home Inspection Services page.

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