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Yes, you should have a home inspection performed before your one year builder’s warranty expires. There are many perks to buying a new construction home in Dallas Fort Worth. New construction homes are move-in ready, customizable, and are less likely to have major maintenance issues. Most new builds come with a one year builder’s warranty to protect the homebuyer and hold the builder accountable. Keep reading for tips on uncovering issues with new construction homes BEFORE the warranty expires.

New Construction Home Inspection Dallas Fort Worth – Get an independent inspection on your new build home in Dallas Fort Worth

Tips on Uncovering Issues with New Construction BEFORE the Warranty Expires

Tip: Many new build homes begin to reveal construction-related defects within the first year of ownership. As such, it’s important to know what to look for so you can hold your builder responsible before the warranty expires.  

Tip: It is recommended to have newly constructed homes professionally inspected at least 30 days before the builder’s warranty expires. Taking proactive measures will uncover potential defects and allow enough time to see if your builder is liable for needed repairs.

Tip: Some one-year builder’s warranties require homeowners to use a “preferred home inspector” within a certain time frame. Keep in mind that all home inspections should be administered without bias. If you feel uncomfortable with the “preferred home inspector” findings, perform due diligence by hiring an independent home inspector for a second opinion. 

Tip: Upon getting your new build construction inspected by a Licensed Professional Home Inspector, he or she will provide a home inspection report listing potential issues to discuss with your builder. An experienced home inspector will take the time to discuss his/her findings and answer questions that you may have. 

Tip: After you’ve read through your warranty paperwork to see if the problem is covered, submit all requests for repairs in writing using certified mail. Save your return receipt. Even if you speak to someone over the phone regarding the issue, it’s best to create a paper trail. When speaking to your builder, be sure to reference your recent home inspection. As an added precaution, use certified mail to send your builder a copy of the home inspection. Keep a detailed record of every interaction you have with your builder.

Tip: When buying a new construction home with a warranty, make sure to read all paperwork thoroughly. There may be actions required on your part. Failing to perform said actions could give your builder an excuse to deny service under the warranty.

Tip: If you feel your builder is stringing you along, don’t get an outside contractor or you may give the builder reason to rescind your warranty benefits. If your builder cannot be reached, seek legal counsel. 

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