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Dallas – Fort Worth Foundation Evaluation

In Dallas – Fort Worth, there are many factors that can cause your foundation to lose structural integrity. Sometimes the soil beneath a home can start to settle and shift. Unfortunately, the foundation will shift as well. A foundation evaluation by a Licensed Professional Engineer is the best way to fully understand what is happening to your home’s foundation.

Did you know that structural issues can affect electrical lines and plumbing systems, causing a variety of problems?

Fixing unleveled flooring and filling cracks in the wall is easy, but you need to determine the root of the issue. Physical flaws in your home could be a signal to something more serious and complicated. Choosing an engineer for a foundation evaluation should be your first recourse.

Engineers are trained to look at all aspects of the home’s foundation, and they are equipped with the knowledge needed to recognize problems as they arise. When the foundation problem involves more than just the framing and foundation, having an independent engineer on your side becomes quite handy. They know how to look beyond the surface, and this is good because beyond the surface is probably where the problem belongs.

Factors to consider in finding a good independent engineer

Identifying and fixing a structural problem is like a sick person going to a doctor. You have symptoms that you’re not well, and the doctor examines you and conducts a couple of tests to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. The diagnosis of your disease will depend on how good the doctor is, and in the same way, getting to the bottom of your house’s foundation problem will depend on how good your engineer is.

foundation evaluation with engineering report

Slab leaks can occur as a result of foundation settling. Call an engineer if you suspect there is an issue.

Here are some things you need to consider before choosing an engineer for foundation evaluation:

License: Having a licensed professional engineer inspect your house will streamline the process and ensure accuracy. As this article by highlights, a home inspector could very well uncover a structural problem, but a licensed professional engineer not only uncovers the problem, but he or she will know exactly how to deal with it. Getting a licensed engineer from the beginning will save you the hassle— and money.

Professional Affiliations: Some people think that gaining membership to professional clubs is simply about paying the dues.  Not true for engineers; they must pass difficult eligibility requirements and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Credibility: If the independent engineer is affiliated with a credible inspection institution, then you should be fine. However, as a homeowner, you can never be too careful. Be sure to check their references and get referrals.

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