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Protecting Your Investment Means Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

Making the decision to invest in real estate is a huge commitment! Once the closing papers are signed, you’re on your own to repair and maintain your home.

In Texas, maintenance ALWAYS includes foundation preservation. 

Whether you are in the market, or have been living in your home for decades, call an engineer for an independent evaluation if you see signs of foundation movement. An engineer is the ONLY person qualified to detect deficiencies in your foundation and identify the source.

When foundation problems occur, your first instinct may be to:

  • Procrastinate on repairing the issues
  • Attempt to fix the damage yourself
  • Call the repair company

All of these three actions are risky, and potentially costly! If you procrastinate, you could end up with an ever bigger problem in the future. If you attempt to make repairs yourself, you might worsen the situation, wasting hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the process.

“Why wouldn’t I just call a foundation company?”

By calling a repair company, you risk overlooking the cause of the foundation shifting. That is kind of like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. The end result could mean more damage to your home. Avoid making a mistake in judgement; get an independent evaluation.

A licensed professional engineer provides a structural assessment of the foundation and surrounding property. He will outline potential concerns and provide proper solutions.

Engineers aren’t trying to sell you repairs. Instead, an engineer provides a report detailing any issues, and highlighting the cause. 

Once  you have your Engineer’s Report in hand, you will be armed with knowledge to help you negotiate repair charges from the foundation company, if needed. Sometimes, the solution is a lot less costly and complicated than our client’s expect.

“We understand that all houses move. It is our job to determine whether the shifting is acceptable and to identify when it is necessary to take action.”                          

– Tommy LaLonde, P.E.

Protect your investment and put your mind at ease, call Tommy.
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