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All engineers have their own sets of specialization, based on skills that they acquired through education and/or experience. A Foundation Structural Engineer is one who specializes in conducting professional assessments of the foundations of your home, or your commercial building, before recommending an appropriate course of action, which is usually a report to contract repair work or to modify construction plans based on the foundation assessment.

Construction and overall design of a functional, cost-effective structural solution from the preliminary design to analysis requires vast knowledge in geology, structural engineering, groundwater conditions, and the mechanics of soil and rock, and professional Foundation Engineers could provide that. Foundation Structural Engineers can analyze drainage and water problems as well.

Benefits of Consulting a Foundation Engineer

When you hire a qualified Foundation Engineer, you will:

  • Receive a thorough evaluation of foundation and structural problems.
  • Acquire competent analysis of water flow and drainage problems.
  • Have someone to professionally manage and maintain foundation repair jobs and projects
  • Have a reliable and thorough expert witness testimony , should there be a need for litigation
  • Gain referrals to professional contractors for foundation repairs, which could save you considerable sums of money

Overall, a competent Foundation Engineer could give you peace of mind, knowing that your foundation issues are in safe hands.

Not Just for Homeowners

Foundation Engineers are allies not just of homeowners, but also of realtors and commercial property owners.  While it is true that you can get building and permit inspectors to check some parts of the building around your foundation, it is only a Foundation Engineer who can provide you the most thorough assessment. They can give you a specialized assessment and make sure that your clientele will get what they pay for.

Safety Concerns

Stability analysis is no simple matter, whether you’re repairing your home or doing an overhaul. A strong foundation that will hold and support your whole home or building is the strength of every structure.

To better understand what Foundation Engineers do, let’s itemize the areas that they specialize in:

Foundation—The sole purpose of a foundation is to support and evenly distribute weight; to prevent the structure from sloping or collapsing.

Superstructure—This is the portion of a structure that has been constructed above ground. The weight and size of the superstructure is taken into account by Foundation Engineers when assessing the foundation.

Function—Foundation engineering provides a foundation capable of supporting pre-designed superstructures without the problems of overloading the soil (which could cause structural failure). Foundation engineers determine the type of foundation, whether it’s shallow or deep, to determine what is best suited for the overall structure or construction site.

To sum it up, a Foundation Engineer will look out for your best interests, from assessing foundation quality, to determining the extent of any foundation damage or failure, to providing solutions for any foundation-related issues. Those are the main reasons why it is important to hire a competent Foundation Engineer.