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Foundation Inspection for Buyers and Homeowners

New homeowners and prospective buyers should consider having a foundation inspection performed by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Everyone knows to hire a home inspector after making a home purchase, but few people consider the importance of foundation inspection.  No matter how pretty the interior is, or how beautifully done the exterior finish, at the base of it all is the foundation.

If you’re going house-hunting any time soon, or if you’re a realtor looking for gems to sell, you need to know that foundation inspection is one of the critical steps you should not miss. As a homeowner you look for things like perfect location, good neighborhood, or beautiful design, but you should also make sure that before anything else, the foundation is inspected properly.

Foundation Inspections Offer Buyers Peace of Mind

Foundation inspection is best left to the experts, and if you know the right professional to call, then you’ll be fine. Sometimes, a house may look perfect at first glance, but upon closer inspection, many things could go wrong. This article published by MSN Real Estate underscores that there are many things only the eye of the expert can see. When prospective homeowners usually look at a home all they see are the many reasons why this home is perfect for them.  What a professional home inspector sees are the countless things that could go wrong. Homeowners save thousands of dollars in potential repair costs simply by having the home inspected before finalizing the transaction.

In Texas, You May Want to Consider an Annual Inspection

Even if you have your new home inspected before you buy, this is no guarantee that you won’t encounter foundation problems in the future. This is especially true if you live in an area that is known for shifting soils and foundation problems like the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas. To protect your investment, most experts recommend homeowners have an annual foundation inspection. Most of the time, if you catch a problem early, it can be a much less expensive repair than if you wait until later.